Refrigeration And Products

Refrigeration is a science that deals with absorption of heat at a temperature from surroundings at lower temperature and rejecting it to a relatively higher temperature at the cost of some external work following Clausius statement of the second law of thermodynamics.
Refrigeration sector is one of the largest economic sectors, covering precooling, cooling, air conditioning, and freezing applications for various commodities and people and appears to be an energy-intensive sector by consuming about 20 per cent of the total electricity generated worldwide. The refrigeration sector includes air conditioners, household fridges, coolers, pre-coolers, refrigerators, heat pumps, and freezers for various applications, ranging from food cooling to space cooling.
Thus, refrigeration has found its importance in many engineering and industrial sectors. One of them is processing, preservation, and nourishment of food by storing them in places whose temperature is lower than that of the surroundings.
The energy consumption of different preservation processes over storage time together with the energy used for the agricultural production.